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Wildleakx.com is your digital destination for the very latest celebrity, entertainment, beauty, fashion, Ghanaian culture, fitness, sports, political news, lifestyle, plus the latest leakx and gossips trending.

First launched in 2020 by a CEO who chooses to remain Anonymous, wildleakx.com is well planned and determined to meet the standard of all latest entertainment juice, sports update plus leakx and gossips across the globe. Wildleakx is an independent company, wholly owned by ‘An Anonymous CEO’ as of January 9, 2021. The brand has a staff of about 5 dedicated journalists, photo editors, and a correspondent team based in almost every part of the globe. Wildleakx.com’s team of writers, reporters, and editors regularly break exclusive and impactful news stories. From interviews with top celebrities, film directors, showrunners, reality stars, sports figures, and politicians, to on-the-record testimonials from social activists, law enforcement officials, expert attorneys, doctors, psychologists and more, Wildleakx.com is committed to delivering a comprehensive overview of news that matters to the millennial persona.

Wildleakx.com delivers exciting entertainment content via the Wildleakx official social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter. The site itself also features exclusive LIVE radio broadcast and will soon feature a LIVE tv session, plus its own exclusive news videos. In 2019, upon the prelaunch of Wildleakx, it held a party that featured TOP popular celebrities, hottest stars and held the best of interviews held exclusive interviews.

Anonymous CEO

Anonymous, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Wildleakx, launched Wildleakx.com in Jan. 2021.

CEO originally conceived the idea of a digital destination for entertainment lovers that was the online embodiment of a celebrity, entertainment, sports, gossips, leakx and political bits and also covered lifestyle. He has been credited with inventing the best of celebrity bits and gossips as at 2019 in Ghana.

With that success in mind, ‘Anonymous’ wanted to give celebrity and entertainment-loving people their own online news home, but one that also covered the style, diet and fitness service they loved, as well as other issues they cared about. With no major award to his name yet, he’s hoping to be banging more in the coming years with his exception work piece and the zeal to serve the best in news, entertainment and latest gossips.