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Akiyana Vows TRENDINGLY🔥 |I Will Leave Any Man Who Can’t ‘GO D0WN’ On Me[FULL DETAIL🙈]


Ghanaian Afrobeat and Dancehall singer, Akiyana has vowed to leave any man who cannot l!ck her.

She made this statement in an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM which was monitored by wildLEAKx.

The ‘Bubra’ singer stressed that she won’t let any man who can’t l!ck waste her time.

Akyina argued that God gave men the brain to reason and conclude on how to make their women happy.

She cautioned men who cannot reason enough to make her feel like a woman to clear off.

The Zylofon Music artiste added that if some men request for bj, then they have to ‘lickizee’.

CLICK HERE To Watch Her Statement In The TRENDING🔥 Video


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