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BEEF |“I Shot A Music Video With Sefa But She Didn’t Hold Me Like She Did Sarkodie, I Demand A Reshoot” |Another Celeb Sparks[WATCH]


Tazer Koree has made it known that he wants to reshoot his new music video with Sefa.

According to the multi-talented Ghanaian musician, though he is excited about Sefa‘s growth in the music space, he wasn’t pleased over how things went on between the songbird and the rapper during the shoot for her ‘Fever’ song.

In videos that have gone viral sighted by wildLEAKx, Sefa could be seen seductively dancing, whining and touching Sarkodie, who was comfortably sitting, during the filming of the music video.

According to Tazer Koree, the BTS snippet got him jealous because he likes Sefa so much that he recorded his ‘I Want You’ song because of her and made sure he got her to feature on it yet he didn’t get the treatment she gave Sarkodie.

Speaking during a recent interview also sighted by wildLEAKx, Tazer was asked if ever communicated his feelings to the singer and he said: “I am a shy guy so I couldn’t say it straight to her face because she is too pretty, she is curvy and all of that”.

He continued thatSefa I want you, give man a chance let’s go on an Ice-cream date or something” before asking that “have toy seen the video ‘Fever’ the teaser, yeah I am saying it now because if you see the way she was standing by my man, it made me jealous“.

Tazer Koree who lives between Ghana and the UK has already released his ‘I Want You’ song which features Sefa but the music video is not out yet.

Tazer Koree revealed that “we already shot a music video way before her music video but I might have to reshoot a new music video just so she can stand next to me and touch me like that“.

Hear more from him in the video beneath:


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