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BREAKING |ECG Asked Me To Pay GHS 8,000 Electricity Bill After Disconnecting My Light |Psalm Adjeteyfio Uncovers Another Debt[READ]


Ghanaian actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio is in the news again.

The veteran actor was in the headlines some few weeks ago after he pleaded for help.

Ghana’s Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and others went to his aid.

In his recent interview with Citi TV that wildLEAKx has come across, Mr Adjeteyfio lamented over the amount of bill he has received from the Electricity of Ghana (ECG).

The GHS 8,000 bill, according to him, came after he visited the office of ECG to complain about his bills not being sent to him monthly.

“First, they came to disconnect my light and when I asked why, they said I was owing GH¢4,000. I asked how because they barely bring us bills. I followed up to the ECG office to complain and they asked us to pay the money. I adhered and started paying little by little from the contributions I have been given. Just recently, I paid over GH¢4,500 cedis.

“Surprisingly, just last week, I received a message from them saying I still owe some money and that all the monies I had paid so far is an estimated bill. They issued me another bill saying it is the original one. In it, I was asked to pay GH¢8,000. Then I asked them if I’m smelting iron in my house. I am really burdened,” Psalm Adjeteyfio revealed.



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