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BREAKING |Funny Face Rains !nsults On Adebayor, Fada Dickson, Bola Ray Over Baby Mama; Tells Them ‘Fvck You’ In New Video[WATCH]


Ghanaian comic actor Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng popularly known as Funny Face in the midst of his supposed new relapse has turned his anger on Fadda Dickson, Bola Ray, and Emmanuel Adebayor over his baby mama drama.

In a new video that wildLEAKx has chanced on, Funny Face was on a rampage as he hurled a lot of unprintable words on these personalities who have in one way or the other been there for him through his darkest moments.

In a video, Funny Face used words like ‘Fxck you, wo maame tw3’ on a celebrated and respected personality like Fada Dickson because, in his view, the latter has decided to shun him after his baby mama, Venessa, and her mother spoke ill about him to Fadda Dickson.

Funny Face added that he has known Fada Dickson since 2007 and as such, could not understand why he would suddenly turn his back on him. he has been very loyal to the Managing Director of the Despite Media Group and cannot understand why he turned his back on him after his accident.

He then attacked the CEO of EIB Network, Bola Ray for terminating from Kasapa FM where he used to work even though he had done a lot of work on EIB’s Starr FM earlier.

He did not end there, Funny Face also had a jab for his pal and benefactor, Emmanuel Adebayor who has on numerous occasions given him a lot of gifts, including two different cars.

For the Togolese international footballer, Funny Face said: “Adebayor, for unfollowing me, F**k you. A friend stick to a friend no matter what. You spoke to me and I didn’t hear so what? Nigga, f**k you”, Funny Face fired.

Watch the video beneath:



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