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BREAKING |We Love You, You Won’t Die |Jah Wisdom, Father Of Funny Face’s Baby Mama Tells Him[LISTEN]


The father of Vanessa, Funny Face’s Baby Mama has sent him some words of encouragement.

In an audio wildLEAKx has obtained, Jah Wisdom wished Funny Face well.

He stated that he won’t die.

Jah Wisdom disclosed that his family loves Funny Face and they regard him as part of them.

He further advised Funny Face about how he takes certain decisions and how he relates with his friends.

Jah Wisdom said he should be careful about who he shares his issues with.

Vanessa’s father added that he understands Funny Face’s issue so he doesn’t hold any grudges with him.

He believed Funny Face can make it if he works on his things well.

His advice comes after he threatened to kill himself.

Listen to the audio beneath:


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