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Date Rush EXCLUSIVES | Yes, I Just Married A Brilliant Nurse, None Of The Date Rush Girls Was Good For Me | Ignatius Spit Fire In A Viral Video


Ignatius of TV3’s Date Rush fame has finally opened up about why he decided to get married to a woman who was not on the show.

While speaking in a recent interview sighted by wildLEAKx, Ignatius revealed that it was not just any woman that a man should marry.

He said even though the ladies on the Date Rush Show were pretty, he did not base his decision to settle down on just beauty.

Ignatius continued by saying he was not so much intrigued by the responses from the ladies which informed his decision to turn off all the rushes.

Speaking about his wife, Ignatius revealed that she is a nurse and that they had been friends for little over a year.


According to him, he met her after he became popular for ‘snubbing’ all the Date Rush ladies even though two ladies left their rushes on for him the entire time.

Ignatius maintained that it was not every woman that a man could take home and that even one’s family can reject the choice of a woman due to a number of reasons.



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