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EXCLUSIVE💯 |Read More About The Mystic Art. Lippy Featured In The GHANA MUSIC AWARDS UK 2021👇🏼


Lippy, a Ghanaian UK-based Afrobeat artiste who has earned two nominations in the UK-based Best Afrobeats artist and UK-based best collaboration of the year categories respectively of the pending Ghana Music Awards UK 2021.

The awards event is scheduled for October 9th, 2021 in London.
Formerly known as Righteous P; he was a member of ‘Howls of Lords’ musical group from 2006 to 2009 when the group fell apart. ‘Me nye wo den’ was the only song the group released with a video. It was written and produced by Lippy.

They had about 16 songs that were never released. It featured established musicians like Kwabena Kwabena on ‘Sweet Things’; and Yoggi Doggi on ‘Ewuradwoa’, a few to mention.

In 2012, he changed his stage name from Righteous P to Lippy. The same year, he released a song titled, ‘She be nice girl’ which featured Castro Underfaya.

He has released songs including Abrabo, Give am(sisi mu den), Tonga reflix(official), NED Righteous P, Fresh Moko, Dance for me ft Efine, She Be Nice Gal ft Castro, My Kinda Love ft Medea, Love Don’t Love Me, Kr)or) Me ft Kwabena Kwabena, Ex-Girl and Body Go Lo ft K-Hi Bangit, She Gimme More ft Someone and Gizo Rapkinda, Boy-O-Metre(Dodge Wo)ftM.A, Odo Glue ft Joe Wilson, Christiana, Bu shia Me ft Ama Nova, Do it ft Ded Buddy, Supper Woman ft Castro, and Kill ‘Em ft Marvin Morgan.

He met and collaborated with Producer/Singer, K-Hi Bangit. They released ‘Ex Girl’ as a joint collaboration piece. The song earned a nomination in the 2017 Ghana Music Awards 2017. They performed at events like the Hiplife festival, Luton Carnival, afrobeats in London concert, Ghana Party In The Park, Ghana Music Awards UK (state year).

On 14th October, 2019; Lippy released an EP featuring big names in the Ghana industry such as Kwabena Kwabena “Krokro Me” (pamper me) and another song with Castro “Super Woman” and artists from Nigeria.

Lippy has been on Adom TV’s Ahosepe, hosted by Sister Sandy bi y3 guy and also on Underground TV, run by Jake de Snake.

In recent times, Lippy has been invited to a co-judge on a Canadian Pageant Show called Miss Alberta 2021. It would be broadcasted live on their Facebook page.



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