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EXCLUSIVES💯 |Watch The Excitement On The Faces Of The 3Music TV Team As The Station Went Live


It was all smiles on SUNDAY when the TV channel of the 3 Music Network channel went live yesterday.

The channel has been in the pipeline for years according to the owner of the 3 Music Network.

Before the channel went live yesterday afternoon, the Chief Executive Officer, Sadiq Abdulai took to Facebook to thank a number of persons who supported him to make the dream work.

Prominent among them was his wife who he declared as a shareholder in the business beginning yesterday.

The last few minutes to the channel going live was documented in a video available to wildLEAKx.

The 3 Music CEO, Sadiq Abdulai Abu is seen so excited in the video as the team made a countdown for him to switch them live across the country.

He wrote in a Instagram post: “Yesterday (01/08/2021) at exactly 3pm, I switched on the all new @3musicnetworks channel to kick start our test transmission ahead of our scheduled launch on 1st September, 2021. Scan your sets to access our exciting music and lifestyle entertainment programming and give us some feedback”




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