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EXCLUSIVES |5 Ghanaian Artistes Who SH0CKINGLY Accused Kuami Eugene Of Song Theft[READ]


Ghanaian vocalist and maker Eugene Marfo, otherwise called Kuami Eugene, is one of the most hauled artistes in the country for tune robbery.

His advancement “Angela” track, followed by “Confusion” and “Wish Me Well”, have all experienced allegations of verses or beat stealing.

If he isn’t being blamed for taking verses, melody, chorus, then, at that point, he is dragged for examining somebody’s beats.

Strangely, it isn’t just Ghanaian music acts who blame Kuami Eugene, but instead, Nigerians and Ivorians have all charged the Lynx Entertainment artiste for melody theft.

On certain occasions, Kuami Eugene and his management have been charged for those allegations under the watchful eye of the court.

Our concentration as wildLEAKx today is about his fellow Ghanaian musicians who have blamed Kuami Eugene for song robbery.

A budding musician Bhadext Cona in October 2021, accused Kuami Eugene of stealing her song. Bhadext Cona said she wanted Kuami Eugene to feature on her song titled “Bolga” but has recreated it and made it into his current single “Bunker.”

Rapper CJ Biggerman also accused Kuami Eugene of picking up a bar in his verse on Sarkodie’s “Biibi Ba” song and used it for a freestyle on Adom TV. On “Biibi Ba,” CJ Biggerman dropped a punchline: “Mopese me to Joromi before you go see” (to wit ‘you want me to sing Joromi before you Simi).

On the other hand, Kuami Eugene rhymed, “You want to make I sing Joromi before you go see me.” This is what CJ Biggerman is calling out the Lynx Entertainment artiste for to come to pay him royalties for copyright infringement.

In 2019, another up-and-coming artiste accused Kuami Eugene of stealing lyrics on his song “Chichinga” for his collaboration with Okyeame Kwame.

According to the hiplife artiste, Kuami Eugene used the lines “ma bie gya, a ma obi adwa, afei ma bie new chapter” in Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Ino Be My Matter’ song he was featured in.

Early 2021, Evangelist Michael Antwi alleged that Kuami Eugene and Kwame Yogot ‘stole’ his song, “Biibi Besi.”

The song at the centre of this accusation is “Biibi Besi”, released by the Kwame Yogot in February 2021 and featuring Eugene. However, Michael Antwi’s song was released in September 2020, some five months earlier than the release date of the song by Yogot.

Kuami Eugene has been accused of portions of Seth Frimpong’s “Okumchola” without permission for his song “Dollar On You”.

However, Roland Ackah, popularly known as Roro, has revealed that he has been in touch with Lynx Entertainment. There have been monetary compensation by Kuami Eugene and his team for using the song without formal authorization.

Aside from all these accusations, Kuami Eugene believes all those accusing want his attention and share his greatness as reported in an earlier post this month by wildLEAKx.


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