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EXCLUSIVES |“Divorce Your Wives Who Wear Jeans To Bed” |Rev Obofour Advises The “WORST-S!lly” Way[WATCH]


Well-known Ghanaian evangelist and prophet Rev Obofour is encouraging his lesser ministers to return their spouse to her parents if she continues to torture them.

The head pastor of the Anointed Palace Chapel says most spouses of ministers will deliberately cause inconveniences in their marriage and take steps to spread what occurred on a radio broadcast as sighted by wildLEAKx.

He requested that his lesser ministers permit the ladies to send the issue to the radio since it will not endure.

Rev Obofour was vehement in advising fellow ministers to separate from their spouses who wear jeans to bed.

To the spouses as well, he requested that they separate from their husbands who decline to go in bed with them, guaranteeing the soul of God guided them.

As indicated by the Godly man, ministers who don’t lay down with their spouses are criminals who have effectively been fulfilled by one more woman outside marriage.

“You are married as a pastor, but your wife is troubling you, divorce her. Send her back to her relatives. We respect the beautiful ones. Some of your wives are intentionally troubling you and will threaten to send you on a radio station,” he said during a TV discussion.

“Allow her to send you, it will not last. If your wife wears jeans to bed, divorce her. Also, to the women, when your husband comes home with excuses, divorce him. He is a criminal who has been satisfied outside,” he said amid laughter.

Rev Obofour is not also happy with church members who broadcast to be the whole world that they met their pastor at a drinking restaurant.

“The one you are preaching to is going to buy Guinness at the restaurant. You the one preaching is going to buy Malt, but you will be scared and surprised when you see your church member.”

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