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EXCLUSIVES |Efia Odo Questions Why Fully Clothed Women Search For Men In The Church[READ]

Efia Odo|www.wildLEAKx.com

Andrea Owusu, who is otherwise known as Efia Odo, has chastised Ghanaians who give her reasons why she’s not yet married.

Efia Odo recently lamented, as sighted by wildLEAKx about her difficulty settling down with a man and having children. She claims all the men who come her way either want to have their pants down or take pride in their dating a celebrity.

Some Ghanaians, especially on social media, accused her of dressing seductively and naked, a major reason why she is still without a man.

In response, Efia Odo quizzes why women, who are covered with clothes from head to toe, still throng churches and prayer camps in search of a man if she dresses nakedly.

Efia Odo said in a tweet on November 23, 2021, “People think I haven’t been able to settle down because I’m always “naked” on social media. So the why do fully clothed women go to church looking for husbands?”

As if that is not enough, Efia Odo maintains her earlier statement amid opposing views from some Christians. She shared a video of church members running to have a husband.


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