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EXCLUSIVES || Hajia Bintu Joins The #BoOtyB0unceChallenge With A HUGE Shake Her Mountainous Back[VIDEO🙈]


Popular social media sensation, Hajia Bintu has also joined the newest social media challenge that is getting a lot of buzzes.

She has been spotted in a video seen online to bouncing her enviable and mountainous back as she dance to the hit single of Nigerian singer. Rema.

Rema’s ‘Bounce’ song has so far seen a lot of popular celebs with big backs and many other ladies who believe that they have enough flesh at their backs join in to shake it to the admiration of social media users.

Hajia Bintu in the video changed her outfit twice and on both occasions, she did not fail to bounce her back as the song expected her to do.

Check out the video below for yourself and make sure you share the story for others to enjoy the video as well. Thank you🙈



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