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GOODIES |Hajia4Reall Gets Blown Away As She Receives Her Pimped And Customized Porsche[WATCH👇🏼]


Popular socialite, Queen Mona aka Hajia4Reall recently acquired an expensive Porsche.

Apparently, she didn’t like the color and the make of the car and as such, she decided to get a pimping company to customize it and pimp it to her desired satisfy.

Well, Hajia4Reall got the Ghanaian company StunnCust Autoworks to do the job for her and from all indications, the company has done a perfect job for her.

In a video of the moment, they returned the pimped car to her has surfaced online and sighted by wildLEAKx. From the video, one can see that Hajia4Reall was brown away by the work of the car as all she could be heard saying was you have done a good job’.

Queen Mona was also seen in the video inspecting all the new things the company had added to her Porsche to make it look better than they took it away.

Click here to watch the video of her exciting moment



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