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JUST IN🔥 |3Music Awards Boss Sadiq Abu Commends Sarkodie’s Current Promotional Drive & Addresses SHOCKING Issues Relating🥵


The Chief Executive Officer of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdulai Abu has commended Sarkodie’s current promotional drive.

In a lengthy post sighted by wildLEAKx, Sadiq stated that Sarkodie and his team will begin to see the benefit of embarking on a promo tour to Africa’s key music markets.

He expressed his happiness about the action taken by Sarkodie and his team.

Mr Abu also stressed the importance of music promotional strategy and playlisting.

“Sarkodie’s current promotional drive to activate the music and brand heavily in some of Africa’s key music markets is commendable. Within some few months, he and the Mziiki team will begin to see some real benefits. I mean nobody has ever lost out on such a strategy and execution.

“Promotion is an important part of the music business. It’s has even become much more important today. Because the music that sits on the digital platforms do not move by itself. It’s activated. The buzz, the promotional and playlisting strategy and the flawless execution actually gets it moving. The active promotional and playlisting strategy and events across is what unlocks those massive streams and strong top of mind that influences the other commercial/revenue lines.

“In these parts, strategic promotions and play listing strategy is not well appreciated. Infact today and in Ghana there is a certain erroneous impression that, once you put the music “online” and without any promotional or buzz worthy activity one will blow. Myself and most of my colleagues who work in the digital music space are always laughing out loud when we hear some of these pronouncements being made. We get it that, it could only be made out of a certain ignorance and lack of insights in how the music is enabled today,” he wrote.

The 3Music Awards boss added: “Sark’s move against this background is a good one. I am actually glad that, one of the top talents is actually showing the way with this and looking to push his streams up beyond the regular “1 millions” we have become used to. I mean Sark gets more streams than that in a few weeks for most of his songs but there is a sudden Ghanaian music industry interest in a million streams when we are long moving past that standard. It’s no more even the standard, a number of examples has shown the way.

“One day when we move beyond the focus on his Sark’s commentary, maybe we should spend some time exploring this strategy and ensuring “music promotional strategy and playlisting” and the general commerce of the art becomes an industry narrative so that can positively direct industry to a better place. Music is a serious business that requires serious conversations heavily anchored on thought leadership, so the value chain can heavily benefit from what’s coming and the now of the music industry. The days of the simplistic conversations and antics is over. A lot of examples across the continent showing the way and we can more than do it. Big ups to Obidi and the team for this campaign for me I am super excited because like I indicated to him during my personal conversations with him, these are some of my expectations of a big talent and I am super glad he is doing it and showing the way. Hopefully the fruits of this labour will be a reference point and a case study for how to do it in style and unlock the needful.

After spending some days in Nigeria, Sarkodie is current in Kenya promoting his craft.



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