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JUST IN🔥 |Amerado FINALLY Apologizes To Patapaa In A GRANDSTYLE[watch🤫]


Amerado has rendered an apology to Patapaa following his beef with Obibini.

During his beef with Obibini, Amerado mentioned Patapaa’s name in his ‘The Throne’ diss song.

Patapaa angrily reacted a few weeks ago.

Talking about this action in an interview with Halifax Ansah-Addo on Peace FM, the talented rapper begged Patapaa to forgive him if he’s not happy about what he said.

He stressed in the interview wildLEAKx has watched that he did not mean to disrespect him.

“Big shouts to Patapaa, I don’t have any bitter blood towards him. If I said something he didn’t like, I’m very sorry. It’s merely lyricism and there was no pun intended. I will never wake up one day and decide to disrespect my big brother and maybe at that time I got into my feelings and got out of control. Because it was a beef I didn’t get enough time to check my lyrics,” Amerado said.

Watch his apology video beneath:



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