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JUST IN🔥 |Full Video Performance Of Rev. Obofour’s Viral Song ‘333 444’ Makes Its Way To Social Media[WATCH😃]


In the last few days, a lot of social media users, especially, Tiktokers in Ghana have created beautiful and hilarious videos with one song by Rev. Obofour titled ‘Otanfo Bewu’ aka ‘333 444’.

The song which was actually performed by the leader of Anointed Palace Chapel years ago surprising became a one-time hit song after it resurfaced on social media recently.

The hilarious yet interesting song has been shared by many people on their social media pages because aside from the humor it comes with, the song has some lyrics which actually tell the story of many and the things they want to see in their lives.

Well, wildLEAKx has done some digging and finally, we have the full video for our lovely readers. Watch it beneath and do well to share with your friends who are already in love with the shorter version, LOL



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