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JUST IN🔥 |Watch How Bosom P-Yung Begged Bloggers To Stop Using His “Ugly Photos😂”[PHOTOS👇🏼]


Ghanaian rapper Bosom P-Yung is sending a humble appeal to Ghanaian bloggers who create content about him.

It’s all about his pictures used in their contents. The rapper believes bloggers are being unfair to him with the kind of pictures they use in their contents about him.

He took to twitter to express his displeasure about some of the “ugly pictures” from his early days which bloggers continue to use.

Tweeting the pictures, he begged the bloggers to desist from using those pictures and use current ones which are more nicer and appealing.

He offered to even do a photo shoot to get them more nicer pictures to use if they are not okay with his current images.

“Dear Bloggers abeg stop using these pictures. I have new ones. 😫 And if u still dont like em. Next week am going for new ones. These pics Tire.. Any photographer willing to work with me Drop your works or ur Instagram Handle let get it. Medaase,” he wrote in tweet.

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