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JUST IN🚨 |Director Frank Fiifi Gharbin Finally Breaks Silence On His Current Spiritual Illness |Denies Claims That Agya Koo Caused It[VIDEO👇🏼]


Award-winning movie director and producer, Frank Fiifi Gharbin was recently seen in a critical condition as some men were seen carrying him from a place he went to seek help with regards to his health.

After those photos and video went viral, a lot of people began to speculate and alleged that his sickness was caused by his colleague Agya Koo because of their know issues.

Well, in a recent interview director Frank Fiifi Gharbin has finally reacted to all this claims and spoken at length about his illness.

As said in the exclusive interview with Papa Kumasi on Royal TV sighted by wildLEAKx, he confirmed that indeed his illness is a spiritual one but was quick to clear the name of popular actor, Agya Koo.

Director Frank quickly added that he never suspected that Agya Koo had anything to do with his illness even though the latter sat in radio to threaten his life some time ago.

He also added that when he finally heals, the people who did this to him will be paid back with the same coin.



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