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JUST IN🚨 |Oboy Siki LASHES LilWin👿 |’He’ Doesn’t Think Before He Talks🤬 |Dr Likee Uses Phone To Snub People He Has Issue With[FULL GIST👇🏼]


Actor, Oboy Siki has waded into Lilwin and Dr Likee’s issue.

Barely a week ago, Dr Likee snubbed Lilwin when they met at an event.

He pretended as if he was making a call phone when his colleague was about to greet him.

Likee gave a flimsy excuse about his action in a recent interview sighted by wildLEAKx on Youtube.

Commenting on this in an interview, Oboy Siki mentioned that there is no issue between Lilwin and Dr Likee.

He said Lilwin doesn’t know how to talk publicly, while Dr Likee is found to be using his phone to snub people that he has issues with.

Oboy Siki, who has been working with these actors, pointed out their lifestyles.

He also defended that Dr Likee is not just a star on YouTube as claimed by Lilwin.



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