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JUST IN🚨 |Yaw Dabo Reveals🔥 |I Called Delay For Her Mackerel But She Said No, I’m Disappointed🤕[FULL GIST👇🏼]


Ghanaian actor, Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo has expressed his disappointment in Delay.

His disappointment stemmed from his inability to get a sponsorship deal from Delay for his Soccer Academy.

Yaw Dabo mentioned in a recent interview monitored by wildLEAKx that his dream to see this happening was shuttered.

He said Delay turned his proposal about the sponsorship deal down when he called her via phone.

The Dabo Soccer Academy owner explained that they needed Delay mackerels and spaghetti.

However, Delay told him she can’t sponsor because she can now sponsor few programs due to the profit margin.

Yaw Dabo indicated that he was hurt looking at the relationship he has with the popular media personality and businesswoman.



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