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JUST IN🔥 |Men Are Offering $5-10k For My ‘Pun!n!’ But I Declined |Odo Reveals🙈


Ghanaian actress and model, Efia Odo has revealed that some men are offering huge amounts for her pu$$y.

In a post sighted by wildLEAKx, the vocal actress said these men sometimes offer $5-$10k just to have an affair with her.

Efia asserted she declines such offers.

She indicated that her pu$$y is not for sale.

“Sometimes $5k- $10k I’ve declined all cuz I don’t sell pussy. No shade to those who do. It’s just not my thing,” she replied to a tweet.

A tweep asked about how much, men were offering for their toto after she hit back at Victoria Lebene.

In her earlier post, Efia Odo claimed Victoria tried to hook her up but she told her she doesn’t do hookups.


“Lol you’re married now so you think your decent? Lmaooo you forgot when you tried to “hook” me up and I told you I don’t do hook ups? Talking bout he will give me $2k. Bitch you was selling pussy and tried to make me sell mine but now you’re married so you’re decent…” she wrote.



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