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JUST IN |Sensational Eddie Nartey FINALLY Speaks After Reconciling With “20 Years Apart” Biological Father[READ]


Eddie Nartey and his father are smiling together once again after two decades apart.

In an interview sighted by wildLEAKx a few months ago, the Ghanaian actor and film director recalled how his father abandoned his mother when he found out she was pregnant. Sharing his story, he said his paternal grandmother was, however, kind enough to take him in and cater for his needs.

He disclosed that he “never had a relationship” with his biological father as he was never present in his life. In an interview earlier in February too, he recounted that his father molested him verbally.”

My father didn’t accept the responsibility of the pregnancy, so it was more or less it’s not me or it’s my issue. But then my grandmother which is his mother came to accept everything on his behalf because he was the last child and he had senior brothers who had gone to the University and everything, and perhaps he was the stubborn one and he had gone to get a girl pregnant,” he said.

So, [yo] it’s not me; you get what I’m saying. So, we never had that relationship. I grew up with mum and all of that and I have had terrible experiences with him physically, [you know] things that he told me as a kid and all of that were not pleasant,” he said.

However, in a recent post also chanced on by wildLEAKx on Instagram , Eddie has disclosed that he has now reconciled with his father after 20 years. The reunion happened on his birthday.

He shared a photo of himself with his dad and added a caption that says “after over 20 years, myself and the old boy smoked the peace pipe. I’m so at peace with myself. Still in my birthday mood. #Birthday#CelebratingEN#BirthdayMood“.

Check out his post beneath:


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