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JUST IN |“Until IGP Dampare Rejects His Salary, He Has Done Nothing New” |Ola Michael[READ]


Ghanaian filmmaker and radio presenter Ola Michael has not seen anything the new IGP Dampare is undertaking.

As he indicated, it’s getting sickening each day when Ghanaians claim IGP Dampare is doing a remarkable job.

Michael Ola says the IGP has been quiet on the savagery and passings during the 2020 general election. There were examples of top political figures brandishing weapons in broad daylight while Dampare failed to address it.

Until Dampare can dismiss his compensation, he sees nothing new in him, adding that Ghanaians will before long require his head.

“We need to stop praising him. Dampare, it’s getting sickening by the day. Is he doing anything about the deaths that occurred during the election? There were ministers and MPs brandishing guns, not to mention shooting them,” he said on Onua TV this week.

“What has he done to address this? I’m still waiting for him to reject his salary, at which point I’ll say, ‘Yeah, there’s a new guy.’ Until then, it’s all a bit of a shambles. Now that we’re in Ghana, people will start crucifying him,” he said.

Ola Michael added that when the IGP is centered around capturing celebrities, he is unintentionally expanding their following and making them more well known than rebuffing them.

The IGP, he said, is just doing the work he has been paid to do.

“When you believe you are punishing a celebrity, you are actually increasing their fan base and popularity. The IGP is doing well, but you should refrain from lavishing praise on him. He’s just doing his job. Do you get the same compliments on your work, AJ? He’s doing what he’s been paid and assigned to do”.

Ola Michael spoke on Onua TV, as sighted by wildLEAKx.


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