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LIVE |TV3 DATE RUSH Season 6, Episode 11[WATCH]


Date rush is one of Ghana’s most popular TV shows as monitored by wildLEAKx.

Mecedez x Sam Tosin

the previous session was great and now we are experiencing another season with much twist and turns already only into the 10 week of its premiere.

Date rush as we know is one of the most-watched TV shows on Tv3.

Nuhu x Lily Brown 🤩🤩🤩

Date rush is now one of the most popular entertainment shows in Ghana and has attracted a lot of viewers and is now a point of discussion on social media.

Enoch x Curtis

With every week bringing much thrills, we’re expect tonight to be nothing less than fun.

You are watching, beneath, the LIVE broadcast of Date Rush season 6, episode 11 of the popular match-making reality TV show in Ghana.


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