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Mothers Day | Hilarious Video Of Akrobeto Dressed Like A Woman To Celebrate Mother’s Day Receives Massive Reactions Online😂


Ahead of the 2021 Mother’s day celebration which is slated for Sunday, May 9, award-winning Ghanaian comic actor and television show host, Akwasi Boadi aka Akrobeto on the last Friday edition of his Real News show on UTV dressed up like a typical African woman to celebrate.

The sensational and versatile actor melted hearts when he appeared on his show wearing a wig and red lipsticks, dressed in a kaba and slit with his nice makeup on.

He explained that he was dressed that way because Mother’s Day is approaching, and he was doing so to celebrate them in grand style before the big day.

Akrobeto took the opportunity to advise his colleagues on how to treat women with respect and care because they are unique creatures.

And ended the beautiful show with his hilarious and superb dance moves.

Video beneath:


  1. It looks so funny how they appear sometimes . She Ghanaians are wised up now. Enough of this unless practices. We ain’t dumb anymore. A man of your age should know better. Life to have been about money all the time, when you die, take the money alone. Preach to noble Ghanaians, don’t blind fold us. Say no to Homosexuality


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