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MUSIC🎼 |Thirtn Drops Visuals For ‘Sika’[VISUALS😍]


Put in an undeniable money-making motivational theme that has a daily reminder for men to keep on working up for more money, Thirtn’s “Sika” came as a laudable advice from a brother to all brothers to keep them stuck to their grind.

While “Sika” would trigger the already-rich to triple up their hustle, it as well whips the broke into making serious money moves. This outcome is very much so of the song, because its lyrics have the instant positive provocation to push the lazy into diligence.

As a man that aims to make it big in life, you can’t listen to Thirtn’s “Sika” song and still choose to remain lazy. You do so, it’s a clear indication that you’re not serious in life one bit.

First time hearing Thirtn’s “Sika”, one might think it’s Kofi Kinaata singing. The two Taadi brothers share a close vocal similarity, but Thirtn has an easy quick switch that comes with a twist that makes him sound more finer when he goes urban rap.

Each day, listen to “Sika” on your money-chase commute or during working hours to keep you mindful of the need to make more money so you can afford a better lifestyle.

Enjoy the ‘Sika’ visuals beneath:



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