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NAKOS👹 |Pr0fanity, Sitting On Laps And More |Student Of St. Monica’s Training College Drops All The B@d Things ‘K!ssing Father’ Does[FULL DETAIL👇🏼]


A student of St Monica’s College of Education has anonymously dropped a lot of details about the character of the Anglican priest who was seen in the viral video giving some student k!sses on their lips during a service in Church.

According to this student, the Rev Father, who is called Obeng Larbi has s3xually been harassing students with his pr0fane comments when he is mostly preaching.

The lady further alleged that the k!ss was an award to the three students for excelling well academically and not “HOLY” as initially speculated.

She further stressed that this is not the first time the Rev Father has forced students to k!ss him and mostly ask others to sit on his laps too.

Take a look at the screenshot beneath for more:



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