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OMG |Former British High Commissioner Jon Benjamin SHOCK!NGLY Descends On Ameyaw Debrah For Publicly Ridiculing Social Media User[READ]


Former British High Commissioner to Ghana and diplomat Jon Benjamin chastises popular Ghanaian blogger Ameyaw Debrah for making public fun of a social media user.

A photo of a fair young man with diastema has gone viral as sighted by wildLEAKx, especially the caption by another user who said his teeth-gap is like the English Flag.

Ameyaw Debrah, in a tweet chanced on by wildLEAKx on November 11, mentioned Jon Benjamin asking him if he agrees that the diastema of the unidentified man is like that of the flag of England.

Meanwhile, Jon Benjamin, who hasn’t tweeted anything Ghana-related for a while, quoted Ameyaw Debrah, telling him it was wrong to do so.

Jon Benjamin was frank to tell Ameyaw Debrah that making fun of someone’s appearance is offensive and unnecessary.

“@ameyaw112 – no, I don’t agree. I think making public fun of people’s natural appearance is a cheap shot, offensive and unnecessary – and it’s beneath you to amplify it,” he said in a tweet also gone viral, which could never skip the lenses of wildLEAKx.

Ameyaw Debrah ate the humble pie and agreed to what Jon Benjamin had told him. He responded: “I agree.”

A lot of tweeps also supported the former High Commissioner.

Twitter user Kwame Colerangle said: “Very good. Know when and where the lines have to be drawn.”

Another user, Godsgift2ghanagirls added: “Sɛ you have collected your eyes top.”


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