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OMG |Kuami Eugene FINALLY Reveals All The Songs He Wrote For “UNGRATEFUL” MzVee[WATCH]


Ghanaian singer, songwriter cum producer Eugene Marfo, professionally called Kuami Eugene, is not happy with MzVee for not appreciating all he did for her.

MzVee had stated that Ghanaians should put an end to comparing her with Kuami Eugene, her former label mate, because she does everything on her own.

MzVee said it is disrespectful for Kuami Eugene to be compared to her. Kuami Eugene also corroborated MzVee‘s assertions because she started making music before him.

In a recent interview sighted by wildLEAKx on YouTube, Kuami Eugene feels unappreciated by the comments by MzVee. He feels he has played a role in the career development of MzVee.

According to Eugene, most of the hit songs from MzVee were written by him.

“What she said was right until you explain everything. I thought she said it was disrespectful because she started this thing way before me, and that’s right,” he said.

“So if you compare me to her in that regard, it’s disrespectful. I wish people wouldn’t compare me to MzVee according to how big we are.

But then again, if she says she does everything on her own, I wrote most of her songs,” he continued.

Kuami Eugene added that he wrote MzVee’s song “Daavi”, “Come and See My Mother” featuring Yemi Alade“, and “I Don’t Know”, so she doesn’t do stuff on her own as she claims.

“I have helped, so I’m just hoping that she will appreciate rather than making it look like I never did anything for her. Because I never took even Ghc1 from her,” he added.

Kuami Eugene was not shy from admitting that he had no relationship with MzVee for the past two years. He doesn’t remember the last time they met.

The two don’t follow each other on social media.

Watch full interview beneath:


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