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REVEALED |Kwaw Kese Discloses How Maturity Has Affected His Smoking Habit[READ]


Celebrated Ghanaian rapper Kwaw Kese has attributed his slow smoking habit to maturity as he is growing.

The over 30-year-old “MadTime” rapper says he has taken a break from smoking because he is matured and grown.

It is not only smoking has he toned down, but also many things he used to do out of youthful exuberance, including his known deliberate madness.

His madness is now a beautiful one because he has kids who are all looking up to what their father does.

“Now, I have taken a break. Now I am a mature man, I am grown, I have kids. I have slowed down on some things. I was crazy, now the craziness has toned down. Now it is a beautiful madness,” he noted.

Kwaw Kese as sighted by wildLEAKx, added that even though his wife knows he smokes just like everyone else knows, she can not do anything about it because he was already into smoking before they met.

“I was doing it before she came into my life. She knew I was doing it so she couldn’t complain. She doesn’t support it but that is my thing. I was doing it before I met her and when I met her I was still doing it. The whole world knows that I smoked but now I have toned it down.”

Kwaw Kese spoke on DayBreak Hitz with Andy Dosty as he is on a media tour to promote his latest song “BumBum”


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