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REVEALED |Men Are Not “Eating” Us Well, That’s Why We Are Using Vibrators |Tiktok Lady Sparks Trending[WATCH👇🏼]


The use of vibrators by women in Ghana is on the rise. This is evident in the number of marketing outlets that keep springing up each day and the fact that they are getting customers.

Some social media influencers have become the face of vibrator marketing in Ghana. One of those people is popular nudist and Instagram model Shugatiti.

Two ladies on tiktok have now revealed why women are preferring vibrators over men satisfying them.

The ladies revealed that they are not so happy about using the vibrators but they dont have any option because those who are supposed to do their jobs are not doing it well.

One of the ladies said men are not eating them well hence their resort to the s3x toys. She said vibrators turn them on quickly and get them satisfied well.

While they gave a tutorial in the video on how men can satisfy them well, the ladies also called on men to do their jobs well in the bedroom.

Watch TRENDING🔥 video beneath:




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