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REVEALED |Putin’s Secret Island Where Ukrainians Are Sent To Work Camps And Can’t Leave[READ]


Vladimir Putin has reportedly set up a secret remote island in the east corner of Russia where Ukrainians are sent to work camps and banned from leaving.

According to Ukraine’s Permanent Representative to the UN Sergiy Kyslytsya, more than 500,000 Ukrainians, including 121,000 children have been “forcibly transferred” to Russia.

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President Putin is also blocking Ukrainian’s from leaving as he looks to strengthen his control over the war-torn country.

When the Ukrainian’s arrive, they are served documents preventing them from leaving for two years, DailyStar reports.

Some Ukrainians have been sent to the remote industrial island of Sakhalin, which is well known for its unforgiving winters and constant rain, on Russia’s far eastern territory and is practically inescapable for the Ukrainians.

The industrial island Sakhalin has a population of just 127,000 with many locals working as fisherman and in the extensive energy production sector.

Although the population is very small, the island is said to be proud of Russia’s military history, owing to the World War Two roots of the island’s occupation.

The island was controlled by the Japanese, prior to 1945, and consequently many authentic Japanese buildings can be seen on the island, spread amongst the statues and plaques commemorating the Soviet reclamation.

However, the island will be hard to live on for the Ukrainian’s as it’s one of Russia’s coldest regions with the temperature not getting above 0C for most of Winter.

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It’s been reported once Ukrainians arrive on the island, Putin intends to put the Ukrainian’s to work camps and turn them into becoming Russian citizens.

It comes just days after a pundit on Russian State TV caused outraged after admitting Vladimir Putin’s goal is “to erase the very idea of being a Ukrainian “.

The chilling statement was made on Russian television as the pundit admitted the idea of being a Ukrainian “needs to be totally eradicated”.

He said: “In reality, Russian people we’re told ‘now you’re going to be’ (Ukrainians).

Even though the name itself is insulting, an insulting name, to be one of the Russian people and to suddenly become Ukrainians.

“The idea of being a Ukrainian, and one of the Russian people was told they’re not Russian, you have to hate Russians and fight them.

This idea needs to be totally eradicated.”


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