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REVEALED |Some Ghanaian Workers Prefer To Be Treated Harshly |Jay Foley Tells His Sad Business Story[READ]


Renowned media personality and Entrepreneur, Jay Foley has opened up on his sad business story many people didn’t know about.

In a facebook post sighted by wildLEAKx, Jay Foley recounted how he started a restaurant together with his wife as part of his entrepreneurial journey somewhere in 2012.

The business employed people and taxes were being paid according to the entrepreneur.

Jay Foley and his wife’s business will later close down due to terrible employee attitude. He recounted how they had to shut down due to stealing and other misdeeds from the kitchen staff.

It became difficult to keep the business running, Jay Foley narrated. Eventually, they had to close down the restaurant and sack all the staff.

Now that the business is closed, Jay Foley said some employees still call him asking for job and praying to God they get jobs.

Due to the experience, he concluded that Ghanaian employees treat foreign employers better than their Ghanaian counterparts.

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