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REVEALED |“There’s No VIP Section In Jail, They Poo Right In Front Of You, Be Careful” |Medikal Advises[READ]


Ghanaian rapper Samuel Adu Frimpong, also known as Medikal, is back from jail, and he is sharing his ugly experience in prison.

Medikal realizes that there is no special place for very important people in society who find themselves in jail.

No one is treated above the other; they are all the same.

In his recent tweets sighted by wildLEAKx, he recounts how inmates attend to nature’s call right in front of him, but he has no option regardless of the foul smell.

Medikal is asking his followers to prioritize their freedom because jail is not the place to be.

“There is no VIP section in jail; when you wake up to see an inmate taking a shit right before your eyes in the same room with the smell and everything, you will cherish freedom. Be extra careful in this life; no one should end up there. It’s not a place to be !” Medikal tweeted on November 15, 2022.

Most of his fans resonated with what Medikal said.

Twitter user Ambitious Villa wrote: “Police and court case is evil we I pray non of my Gess will enter there”.

Kumorji Jnr said: “Bro You won’t realise Freedom is Expensive until you have Issue with the State”

Skemchis tweeted: “You no spend 1 week saf for jail dis?? If like u go life imprisonment de33 like you go write books”.

Sneaker Nyame added: “I always tell my people but MDK please Taking shit like “ɔfa ɛbin akɔ to agu?” anaa?”

Medikal is currently on bail after spending one week in remand for brandishing guns. He is due to reappear before court on December 7, 2021.


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