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THOUGHTS📣 |Zionfelix And ‘Baby Mamas’ Conundrum🤰🏼 |What Is The Actual Crime Here🤔?


Before I get started, let me state explicitly that I don’t have any issues with anyone who decides to place award-winning Ghanaian blogger/vlogger, Felix Nana Yaw Adomako, popularly called Zion Felix on the chopping board and bash him because he has supposedly done what no man has ever done that is such a person’s right and I respect it fully, after all, Zion is in the business himself.

That said, let me ask the one question which has been bugging me all through yesterday as I keenly followed the events that unfolded on social media after the pictures of the two beautiful women he has reportedly given birth with surfaced on social media.

So, I have been asking myself what crime Zion Felix has actually committed here that many people online feel that he literally deserves to be skinned alive?

Just maybe, many people were not expecting such news but truth be told, nothing spectacular has happened here.

Some people I have seen bash him argue that they knew that he was going out with one of the two women who have reportedly given birth for him so they feel he has done something wrong.

Well, it might be through that they were seen out there a lot of the time but that does not in any way suggest that when another lady ‘pops’ up later, he deserves to be killed especially when the two ladies from all indications have no problems themselves.

While I wouldn’t have done this on a normal day, the events I have witnessed in the last 24 hours have pushed me to write this.

In this Ghanaian society, a lot of people who can be described as struggling to make earns meet are literally giving birth every second with different ladies despite the fact that they can’t cater for these kids.

However, Zion Felix is a young man who has obviously worked hard in the last decade to make a name for himself and can and will be able to cater for these kids, their mums with ease so what is the fuss about.

Anyway, this was meant to be a short one so I will leave it here and ask that people who are just using this opportunity to insult him online because they hate him for reasons best known to them cut him some slack because Zion Felix has really done nothing wrong.

Even though I am not a Bible person, this quotation from the good book of Christians is one I feel will be most appropriate in this instance as I sign out.

”So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her,” John 8:7



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