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TRENDING |Emotional Moment CAPTURED As Kuami Eugene Gifts’ Look-Alike $100 On Live Radio[WATCH]


Ghanaian vocalist and musician Eugene Marfo has at last met his copy, who has been impersonating and mining his tunes this while.

The energetic internet sensation was promptly in Kumasi in the first part of the day right from Techiman to meet the “Dollar on You” artiste.

Kuami Eugene and his carbon copy at long last met in the studios of Angel FM in Kumasi during an interview chanced on by wildLEAKx yesterday.

Shockingly, Kuami Eugene, moved by the energy of his clone needing to meet him, pulled out $100 and ran the youngster.

“How much is your lorry fare from Techiman to Kumasi?” Kuami Eugene asked while drawing his handbag closer to him.

“It’s not easy to come all the way from Techiman. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate this. It’s $100; you can exchange it when you get to town”.

His copy was unmistakably dazed by the deed of Kuami Eugene and uncovered he has never seen such cash and contemplated whether it is legal to use in Ghana.

The presenters and panelists on the show all applauded and communicated appreciation to Kuami Eugene for what he did.

Kuami Eugene then, at that point, took pictures with his copy who looked actually like one another.

From the composition to the haircut and method of dressing, they strike some resemblance.

Watch a snippet of the moment beneath:


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