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TRENDING |Ghanaians Have High-Grade Witchcraft |Keche Joshua Says As He Bemoans The Lack Of Support For Ghanaian Stars[WATCH]


Keche Joshua has taken to social media and has already been sighted by wildLEAKx as he speaks bitterly about how Ghanaians are always in the rush to create new stars in the entertainment space and kill the careers of the ones who are already in the system.

Speaking with a lot of rage and disappointment, Joshua stated explicitly that this sort of behavior of Ghanaians is can only be equated to a high-grade form of witchcraft because such things don’t happen in other jurisdictions.

Joshua cited an interview of Davido he recently watched on Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’ where the Nigerian superstar stated that Nigerians don’t joke with them at all as a clear example of why he believes Ghanaians don’t support their stars enough.

He further stated that a lot of time Ghanaians are in haste to do away with established names because they claim that star A or star B has become pompous and has started throwing about his weight on them.

Keche Joshua called on Ghanaians to put a stop to such behavior and celebrate their stars more.

Click here to watch the video of him making his aggressive selfie statement



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