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TRENDING |Much Furious Zilla Slams ‘IGP Meeting’ Organizers For Not Inviting Reggie Rockstone[WATCH]


Dr Zilla Limann, the wife of Reggie Rockstone, is shocked her husband has not been invited to the IGP meeting with Ghanaian celebrities and she wants answers.

Expressing her disappointment over her husband’s exclusion from the meeting as chanced on by wildLEAKx, she said “no no it’s not right, it’s a big deal, it’s not an oversight, it’s a problem. How are artistes coming together to have a meeting with the new IGP and you don’t know anything about it?

Meanwhile, according to Reggie Rockstone, he is not surprised and he doesn’t see it as a big deal because this wouldn’t be the first time he has been excluded from such a gathering.

I made a joke about it, it did cross my mind but I am like sometimes you have parties and just forget about one person,” he said but his wife disputed that by replying thatreally? They forgot about Reggie Rockstone, the originator of the art form? Were you ill, have you travelled, are you not very accessible?

According to Dr Zilla, she would like to know whoever organized the meeting to ask questions why someone like Reggie Rockstone was not invited to such a meeting.

Who and who were there… and who put this meeting together? So that is a big problem so we need to find out,” she said as she further expressed her disappointment.
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