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TRENDING |Sзж Shop Is The Best Business I Have Ever Done |Radio Presenter Reveals DEEPER Business Insight[READ]


A Netherlands-based Ghanaian radio presenter, Daniella Asante aka Nkechi Asante, has opened up on how lucrative @dult shop is.

She seems not to have regretted owning a sзж shop in this interview with one popular blog on YouTube as sighted by wildLEAKx.

Nkechi averred the best business she has ever done is to have a sзж shop.

The former host of ‘The Late Night Show’ on Hi Radio in Amsterdam, recalled how she was discouraged when she revealed her plans to open such a shop in Ghana.

According to Nkechi, some people told her Ghanaians won’t patronize because they are hypocrites.

However, she did not allow these comments to change her decision.

The owner of Essence by Chi disclosed how business is booming for her.

Nkechi Asante hinted that about 60% of her customers are couples.

She indicated that people test their products and give reviews before they are sold out.


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