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TRENDING |Stephanie Benson Shows Her ‘KITTY’ To Her Husband On Video |Drops Video To Advise Girls[WATCH]


Stephanie Benson has been married for thirty-four years now and she’s sharing one of her secrets to a sustainable happy marriage.

The outspoken Ghanaian singer has filmed herself showing her private part to her husband on a video call.

According to Stephanie, the act is needed spice to keep a man when he is away from you.

In the video available to wildLEAKx, she could be heard saying “say hello daddy” as she shows her private part to her husband who was excited and laughed over his wife’s daring act.

Posting the video on social media, she wrote “this is how Akua Wednesday Borns stay married for almost 34 years.

We don’t play when we are away from our Hubby“. she further went to explain the rationale behind the act.


1. Don’t act jealous

2. Reassure him.

3. Remind him what “THE FLOWER” looks like.

4. Calmly and seductively issue a subtle sweet warning with a joke and a smile.

5. Tell him how much you love him as often as you can,” she wrote.

In the post sighted by wildLEAKx, the 54-year-old concluded that never EVER argue when you are away.

Men need very little or Any excuse to “Put their wand in someone else’s chamber of secrets”.

Stephanie Benson and her British husband, Jon Benson, have been married for over three decades now.

The lovers have children together, three daughters and two boys.

Watch video of her conversation beneath:


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