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WHO COULD IT BE🤫? Former L£sbian Threatens To Expo$e Top Actress Who Claims She Has Stopped L£sbianism


Bernice Ngoah, a former lesbian has indicated that she is ready to name and shame a popular Ghanaian actress who claims to have stopped practicing lesbianism but is still in the act.

While speaking in an exclusive interview monitored by wildLEAKx, Bernice revealed that she had completely given up the act and has even started a foundation that speaks against lesbiansim.

She however indicated that she knows a number of female musicians and actresses who are into the act but stressed on naming a particular actress who is a staunch lesbian.

Speaking on why she was bent on exposing that particular actress, Bernice Ngoah said that she has on several occasions asked the actress to support her foundation but the actress keeps turning her down.

Bernice continued by saying that the actress said she was no more practicing lesbianism but that was not acctually the case.

WATCH Video snip beneath:

The former lesbian indicated that the said actress always gives the excuse of not having enough time to come and support the anti-lesbiansim campaign.

Bernice maintained that this was because the actress was still in the act and did not want to put her face out there for scrutiny from the other lesbians.

She added that she had prayed several times for the actress to change her ways but her prayers appear to be going unanswered.



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